The Independent Newspaper

“Kos Evans deifies both gravity and geometry to take her stunning masthead shots. Her work is the subject of an exhibition this week at The Getty Images Gallery in Central London. This stunning exhibition is the culmination of a lifetimes work.”

Country Life Magazine

“Kos a marine photographer who has produced some memorable images of classic super-yacht restorations and whose nerve, skill and sea legs enable her to take photographs in perfect focus from the top of a swinging mast. Three hundred years ago, she would have made a great lookout and, with a husband who has been overall winner of Cowes Week and a daughter called Ocean, you’d be right to surmise that she is at home on the waves.”

Cosmopolitan magazine

“Keeping up with yachting photographer Kos Evans takes some doing. Read her topsy-turvy schedule and you wonder how the girl can constantly deliver the scoops.”

Canon Eos Magazine

“Kos is one of the top marine photographers who travels the world shooting one of the most expensive sports. Ellen MacArthur, Tracy Edwards, Claire Francis; they are all women who have conquered the tough world of yachting, battling against the elements to achieve astounding feats. Add to that list Kos Evans.”

British Journal of Photography

“Kos Evans exhibition ‘Photography at Sea’ reminded one, once again, of the ability of this extraordinarily talented, young woman and the quality of her pictures.”

Photo District News USA

“Kos Evans is a sports photographer who works on the wild side of sailboat racing. In her photographs, sailboats take water over their bows or they crash to windward through atrocious seas. The British photographer is fascinated by action and she is happiest when her clients encourage her to push limits.”